Monday, January 11, 2010

Easy Free Income System Review Scam


For those who have thought about using the Easy Free Income System should read this.

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The Easy Free Income System is based on a Roulette System where you wait for certain patterns to come up before placing your bets. The problem is however, that once you start chasing these bets you can easily hit the table limit before your bet comes in.

Now there has been people who have started off ok using this system and built it up a couple hundred dollars and then their luck runs out and they lose the lot. You can't chase your losses long enough to be able to make a profit.

It is a bit like the old Martingale Roulette System where you would place $1 on red or black and if it didn't come in you would place $2 and so on chasing your original bet. This worked in theory but doesn't work in real life for 2 very good reasons. Firstly the amounts add up rather quickly once you start chasing the 6th and 7th bet and so on.
The other reason it doesn't work is once again that the casino will set a table limit. You could be hitting the table limit after just 10 spins or so.

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Now there are Roulette Systems that work but you need to be careful of table limits as this can somehow destroy your system if you hit the table limit before the bet pays off.
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  1. if you really want to try this system..then try it in practice will quickly see that it just flat out does not work..this same system was marketed about six years ago..the guy makes money off your deposits..the more people that download the free ebook..opens an account and tries to win money..the more money he cost money to advertize day in..and day out..on google
    so believe me nothing is being giving away for more thing...if you do decide to play
    do not take the bonus must wager 12x the bonus money plus 12x your initial deposit
    something he fails to the very game you will be playing{roulette}does'nt even count..go figure!!

  2. Hi Mike, yes what you are saying is correct. Some people do make money off the online casinos but also see that donate money to Paypal he has running? Well guess what, when people see that Donate to Paypal and they are excited after a quick win with the Roulette System that he has given for free they let emotion take over and donate money to him because they think they are onto a winner. Next thing they keep playing and a few days later they have lost their initial deposit with the casino along with the money they donated to him thinking he was doing them all a favour. The actual system would work 100% of the time if you had an unlimited amount of money and casinos didn't have table limits, but they do have table limits and people don't have endless amounts of money so therefore it can't work.

    I have made a lot of money playing Roulette online as well as offline and it definately pays to follow a strategy, but you need a strategy that allows you to put in place a very good Roulette Staking plan as well and I find the best way is betting inside numbers to make this happen. If you want to have a bit of a muck around with a strategy I have been using, you can head on over to I have it there for people to trial. You can make a lot of money using this roulette system because your bets start off lower given that you are betting inside numbers on the Roulette wheel instead of colours or odds and evens where the odds are even money.